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This iconic pub dates from the Edwardian era  and is located in the heart of South Dublin - right next to the famous 40 Foot Bathing Place

Charles Fitzgeralds in Sandycove is known around Ireland for its unique literary heritage that few pubs can compete with.

The pub is connected to the literary works of James Joyce and is celebrated every year during the Bloomsday Festival.

Charles Fitzgeralds

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Fitzgeralds was operated by the Fitzgerald Family from 1960 until February 2022 when Will Agar, the Manager of over 17 years achieved his dream of owning this iconic premises.

Having worked with the family throughout the years and forming a great bond with Charlie & Annie, we hope that the pub is in safe hands and will continue the great tradition (and with the fantastic experience gained) from working with the fantastic family



Bloomsday at

Fitzgeralds of Sandycove

Early in the evening after a long afternoon- no better place to be-great day, great people, great time- have a drink and join the party!

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